Obama’s dream is: millions of alternative powered vehicles

Obama American Energy HydrogenThough the facts still don't prove, it can be suspected from the hint: the president of America „deals" with hydrogen, as far as it relates to the prospective subsidy of fuel cell vehicles.

According to the information coming from the President's Office in the future the subsidy of the fuel cell technology may increase significantly. The Bloomberg Businessweek announcing the news remembers, as long as the Ministry of Energy grossly cuts the research costs related to the hydrogen vehicles, the latest statement of the executive officer of the organization refers to the increasing subsidy of the relating developments at all.

Mini hydrogen car

Scott Samuelsen, the director of the National Fuel Cell Research Center, spoke about a definite Paul's conversion relating to this concerning to the last months. Barack Obama would like to see rightly millions of alternative powered vehicles on the roads till 2015.

Honda FCX clarity

The comment doesn't touch upon that it's already about a decision spanning over periods, as there's no guarantee for that also in the named year the same president will preside as in 2012. However it's a dream banishing fact that according to the plans, which are still valid this summer, there're only 80 million Dollars earmarked for the necessary researches for 2013, contrary to this year's 103.6 millions budget. Naturally the plan can be modified with only one stroke of the pen.

To still realize the dream, for this not only research, but also infrastuctural investments will be plenty needed. In accordance with the actualities there fall to the 10000 electric charging stations and appr. 1000, also CNG loadable petrol stations of the USA less than 60 such stations, where the fuel cell vehicles can be refuelled, so where we can filled up with hydrogen.

Mercedes F-cell

It will hardly depend on the car factories: the GM, the Toyota, the Daimler and the Hyundai equally declared that they will start up with the mass production of their fuel cell modells from 2015.

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The hybrid McLaren strives for track record

The hybrid McLaren strives for track record

Utilizing it's experiences gained in Formula – 1 McLaren has created it's newest sportcar. Though the P1 is even more forward – pointing even than the racing cars, because such an innovative hibrid drive like it has, may appear in the F1 only a few years later.

Something in what BMW and Mercedes – Benz are also in agreement

Something in what BMW and Mercedes – Benz are also in agreement

BMW and Mercedes – Benz are working on the prototype of an electric powered city minicar together: the aim of the development running on the Technical University Munich is to create such a city minicar which is the more lightweighted, but also safe at the same time.

The „hybrid – bag” has opened at the Volkswagen Group

The „hybrid – bag” has opened at the Volkswagen Group

The introduction of Audi A3 e – tron has much more of significance than we would think at first hearing. Namely the petrol – electric hybrid is the prototype of an entire „modell – troop": and if the Audi got it, then any other versions (which are built on that stunning many – sided floor panel giving it's basics) can be equipped with this modern drivetrain. And just to prove how truth this is: the Germans are already at step two...

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QBEAK: it’s touching, just let we see now!

QBEAK: it’s touching, just let we see now!

The electric small cars designed for city use have multiplied for understandable reasons. Let's continue with a Danish recipe which we should see on the roads already in 2012. We wouldn't mind that.


A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

The european transport depends on a large scale on the imported crude oil, therefore a newly appointed strategy of the Union aims the development and integration of the charging station network of the alternativ fuels.

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