Mountain conquering electric vehicles

Pikes Peak 2011 Nissan LeafWith the name Pike's Peak there has been a „running-up" competition organised to one of the legendary peaks of the Rocky Mountains since nearly a hundred years, where also electric wonder cars entered the race.

Let's see at first, what's this competition about! Who needs a more detailed description, we recommend the following review (history), but the essentials can be summarized briefly. There's a 4302 meter high peak given, the length of the escorting, windig way is almost 20kms, and there are nearly 150 turns. The aim is to get up as fast as possible, the type and grade of rebuilt of the road vehicles is practically unlimited. From motorcycles with side car to semi-trailers many kinds of beasts entered here already the race. The last attribute might be a concrete allusion to the winner of the last competition: who would think that a Suzuki SX4 run the ever best? The result is to a certain extent more understandable if we add that there were 910 PS available for the driver.

Pikes Peak 2012 map

Certainly a long way led till that time that we are able to reach from the 21 minutes gained by an airplane-engine driven racer to the magical 10 minutes record time, but now from the viewpoint of our story it's worthier to look at the competitors of the electric category where the current record is about 12 min 20 sec. Certainly nowadays shouldn't stay from the race verging the limits of the normality away the vehicles harping on the definitional domain of the mobility, and bringing out new alternatives, and so does also Mitshubishi and Toyota think about this.

2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution Pikes Peak

The former car factory sends up to the mountain it's funny creation with the name of i-MiEV Evolution, which resembles in many relations the name-giving tear-drop car, but e.g. based on the design we wouldn't confuse the two vehicles in the least. There's the same engine and battery in the racer one, but the „mountain-runner" was equipped with an all-wheel drive and at the same time with a practical and wild body.

Toyota TMG EV P001Toyota TMG EV P002

The Toyota prepared for the race in advance, it tunes it's electric race car TMG EV P001 beating the records on Nürnburgring, and sends it to the fight with the name of TMG EV P002 to PP. The 470 PS performance hardly can called as a serial solution, and we don't suspect in relation with the top speed reduced to 240km/h, what this Mitsubishi is able to, so because of this the electric home race can't be predescribed.

Tajima Monster Sport E-RUNNERTajima Monster Sport E-RUNNER

We can't do this because of that fact that according to the news last years record-holder Ikuo Hanawa (Tajima Monster Sport E-RUNNER) will be among the competitors. The race postponed from july to 12th of august because of this years local forest fires looks not just entertaining, but it will also provide by all means serious lessons regarding the endurance of the alternative powered vehicles between extreme conditions.

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The hybrid McLaren strives for track record

The hybrid McLaren strives for track record

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Something in what BMW and Mercedes – Benz are also in agreement

Something in what BMW and Mercedes – Benz are also in agreement

BMW and Mercedes – Benz are working on the prototype of an electric powered city minicar together: the aim of the development running on the Technical University Munich is to create such a city minicar which is the more lightweighted, but also safe at the same time.

The „hybrid – bag” has opened at the Volkswagen Group

The „hybrid – bag” has opened at the Volkswagen Group

The introduction of Audi A3 e – tron has much more of significance than we would think at first hearing. Namely the petrol – electric hybrid is the prototype of an entire „modell – troop": and if the Audi got it, then any other versions (which are built on that stunning many – sided floor panel giving it's basics) can be equipped with this modern drivetrain. And just to prove how truth this is: the Germans are already at step two...

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HIRIKO: the city pocket car is a smooth operator

HIRIKO: the city pocket car is a smooth operator

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A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

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