Rimac: Damn it’s six hundred’s!

Rimac Concept OneThere comes that 24 years old guy from Croatia, and he gaves his own name for his recently presented electric concept car. He hasn't got even any reasons to feel ashamed, and we are just watching like in the cinema...

Rimac Concept One

In the four wheeled relation of the Rimac Concept One the international press uses lovingly the label of „super car" which demonstrates right away that it's not just about some sportcar. If we look at the most important datas straightaway, we can agree with the specialist authors: the Rimac reaches in 2.8 seconds from standing the 100 km/h speed, for this there are 1088 PS available, and it's already just a formality that the end speed of the attractive beast (based on the design of it's body) is about 350 km/h. In the background of the extraordinary performance is primarily the drive conception made up of the four electric engines, which drive separately the four wheels. This can't be called as a unique solution, but anyway the Zagrebian engineers have made a really hit.

Mate Rimac Concept One

Though the most exciting detail for us is still to come, we have tried to refer to this also in the title. Because what don't succeed – temporarily - for any of the famous car plants, the Rimac takes that smoothly: and this is the range. If such a car is able to do 600 km with one charge, then we are looking for the compromise in vain, we won't even find it with a loupe.

We may be unenthusiastic about the one million dollar planned purchase price, but Mate Rimac, the just grown-up father of the vehicle, doesn' intend the car for the great public. The plans referring to a yearly 10-15 pieces sale unequivocally sends the message: the essential of the Rimac is exactly that, that it's unique, in all respects.

Rimac Concept OneRimac Concept One interior

Although behind such an extraordinary performance it's not so hard to suspect world saviour dreams, the twenty years old designer unequivocally lays down in his statement, that he wasn't primarily motivated during the construction of the super car by the environment protection. He has simply the conviction, that the electric drive is called for much more results, than the internal combustion engines are capable of. Based on this it wasn't a question, what kind of „fuel" has to drive the top category car.

Rimac Concept One batteryRimac Concept One eletric engine

If a young croatian engineer and his team succeeded to construct a car with such unique abilities, whether only because of the price haven't come the famous car plants to similar results?

Rimac Concept One infoRimac Concept One power infoRimac Concept One eletric motor infoRimac Concept One battery info

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