Hydrogen – Going the distance
Category: Electrical, Hydrogen, Terrestrial Created: 2012.12.28 21:48 altmob.com

Hydrogen – Going the distance It may be too early to toll the bell for traditional motor racing, but GreenGT from Switzerland is certainly doing its share to nudge us closer to the final days of petrol-driven mobility by entering a truly special vehicle at next year's Le Mans 24 Hours...

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A turn in the e–nergy sector
Category: Electrical, Approach forming Created: 2012.12.06 13:34 altmob.com

A turn in the e–nergy sector The German North Rhine – Westphalia (NRW) is the model region of the electric mobility – it's worth to keep the step with the exemplary vehicle industrial ambitions.

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Let’s „hybrize” by ourselves!
Category: Hybrid, Education, Terrestrial Created: 2012.11.30 11:34 altmob.com

Let’s „hybrize” by ourselves! Nowadays there can be already found in the supply of every respectable car factory also the hybrid drive – it's not accidental. But why just the new cars should live with this priviliege? We present a method almost any type of cars can be hybridized with.

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Vanish with it!
Category: Hybrid, Electrical, Terrestrial Created: 2012.11.26 15:10 altmob.com

Vanish with it! „Driving it is like I would be hovering among the clouds" – was praising after the test drive of the Furtive e GT EV Sabina Schmitt race car driver. It's not difficult to guess, what is she referring to with this.

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Just a short circuit, no blackout
Category: Hybrid, Electrical Created: 2012.11.21 20:31 altmob.com

Just a short circuit, no blackout The bankruptcy, of the most famous american battery producer - and the effect of it - is interesting from many point of views in relation with the future of the alternative powered vehicles.

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Green luxury, in blue
Category: Hybrid, Terrestrial Created: 2012.11.19 00:03 altmob.com

Green luxury, in blue In connection with the brand name of Lexus the high – quality interior strucks us. Though the current piece sweeps already with it's exterior. It may do it a little bit more than it should.

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That’s enormous! 11.000 HP, 0 emission
Category: Hydrogen, Aquatic Created: 2012.11.15 20:40 altmob.com

That’s enormous! 11.000 HP, 0 emission Planning an electric ship is not a novelty – but if it's about an ocean ferry, that's a serious business.

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UNI-CUB, the the hominoid one-and-a-half wheeler

UNI-CUB, the the hominoid one-and-a-half wheeler

We hardly have to long describe the innovation skill of the Japanese. The vehicle presented in our article adjusted to this trend won't go into none of a typical category, though there's a reason in it, it's an open question if there will be demand on it.


A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

The european transport depends on a large scale on the imported crude oil, therefore a newly appointed strategy of the Union aims the development and integration of the charging station network of the alternativ fuels.

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