Tow your own power…
Category: Electrical, Terrestrial Created: 2013.01.14 18:37

Tow your own power… While decidedly not elegant, this idea is highly logical and therefore possibly viable: a German firm intends to offer pre-charged battery trailers to allow longer trips with electric vehicles.

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University race car is ready to make history
Category: Electrical, Terrestrial Created: 2013.01.09 17:24

University race car is ready to make history Formula Racing Team of the Budapest Technical University (BME) has frozen the design of its electric race car. The young engineers are preparing for this year's Formula Student race with a construction that is revolutionary in its own right.

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All pieces slotting right in
Category: Hydrogen, Terrestrial Created: 2013.01.08 19:38

All pieces slotting right in The only thing nobler than preparing for a perfect future is if you can also make your present a little better in the process. The e-gas project by Audi goes to show that alternative technologies should not compete against but rather complement each other.

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E-Factory in the Windy City
Category: Electrical, Terrestrial Created: 2013.01.07 21:29

E-Factory in the Windy City While Europe seems to be waiting for a leading automaker or a national government to make the first major move and wake e-mobility from its slumber, North America is making several tiny moves to allow the zero emission auto industry to gain foothold. Recently Chicago has been added to the electric roadmap.

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Crisis Leaf: it came up that it quickly goes flat
Category: Electrical, Terrestrial Created: 2013.01.04 21:02

Crisis Leaf: it came up that it quickly goes flat Actually we should be pleased that in relation with the alternative powered vehicles there's been already come up problems also regarding the long range operation. The leaders of Nissan are not so happy after all.

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A different take on the electric car
Category: Electrical, Terrestrial Created: 2013.01.03 17:58

A different take on the electric car When we first heard of BMW's proposed electric city vehicle we would have bet anything it was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Life is proving us wrong: the series production model is only a year away, previewed in its almost final form in the BMW i3 Concept Coupé

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Three in One Electric
Category: Hybrid, Electrical, Terrestrial Created: 2012.12.29 16:13

Three in One Electric Electric bicycles are boring, and mopeds are no more exciting either. But mix the two and you'll get an astonishingly funky and attractive city vehicle – and a hybrid to boot...

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hyMod, the electric hybrid

hyMod, the electric hybrid

We've recently introduced in the category of city electric small cars a Danish competitor. Let's now continue this with a Romainan concept, which can be converted into a hybrid at home. And back. And back again. Can you follow me?


A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

The european transport depends on a large scale on the imported crude oil, therefore a newly appointed strategy of the Union aims the development and integration of the charging station network of the alternativ fuels.

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