The transportation of the New World is even greener

New York e-mobilityAs long as in Hungary the first electric charging station was finally handed over, in the United States it was decided to install 325 more of such units in addition to the already operating network of 10000 stations.

New York County and the Federal Government decreed in the recent past about a 4.4 million Dollars investment, as the result of which hundreds of new charging stations will be built later, mostly in the biggest cities of the USA. The news is also in itself remarkable, however if we add that the subsidy is enough for the harbour authority and also for the railway stations and bus stations – naturally in each case the amount has to be spent on vehicle charging devices – so indeed an image of a new world starts to outline before our very eyes.

New York e-mobility

"Creating an infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles will create jobs and new economic development across the state, while reducing our carbon footprint and helping protect the environment." – appreciated the advantages of the more times winning step Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of the concerned county.

The regionally competent Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will also be managing a $10 million fund that offers vouchers of up to $20,000 per vehicle for those companies which are ready to run EV commercial trucks promoting the „socket technology". According to the announcement of the authority three-fourths of New York County's recent fossil fuel consumption should be charged unsurprisingly to the account of the transportation.

EV Charging Stations EU table

Nonetheless, behind the decision the contours of a special competition also appear, as California sets the pace for the other counties with the approx. 2400 electric charging stations, while Texas and Washington doesn't climb down less than 800 electric stations. In New York County till now 428 such stations supplied the more and more increasing demands, with the present step the number of the charging points will be „still just" about 750. As it was usual, the lag is also in this case relative – just think about own the European continent, especially about Hungary. But it's also sure that it has started everywhere with the installation of the first stations, so don't be dissatisfied! But it's allowed to envy the Big Brother.

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Something in what BMW and Mercedes – Benz are also in agreement

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The „hybrid – bag” has opened at the Volkswagen Group

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A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

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