The new charging standard – fast and international

EV Charger EVS26Once upon a time the USA and Germany were mortal enemies. The famous car factories of this two nations are going against their world war ambitions, as they came out COMMONLY with a super fast electric charger. According to the indications the era of the third-day long lasting chargings will reach it's end soon, in case of the properly equipped public charging stations definetly.

In the middle of May, on the Electric Vehicle Symposium 26th in Los Angeles that combined charging system was introduced which can charge most of the electric vehicles almost in 15 minutes time. The uniqueness of the solution is also hallmarked with a through the ocean spanning collaboration: the eight presenters are namely the BMW, the Audi, the Ford, the General Motors, the Volkswagen, the Chrysler, the Porsche, and the ancestor of the Mercedes, the Daimler Germany and the most known brands of the United States. This means that it's not only about a promising invention, but also about the new era of the electric drive. To this refers also that the International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) looks at the conception as the standard of the fast charging.

But if someone familiar with the electric vehicles (EV) and the geography knows well that an other ocean also washes the coasts of the New World, and the home of the EVs is absolutely on it's other side. But to keep some fight in the story, in this topic the Toyota, the Nissan, the Mitsubishi and the Fuji connecting to the Subaru also collaborated with each other. Their fast charger standard is called CHAdeMO.

We hope that each party – mainly the user circle – gaines the winning position in the battle against the charging time.

EVS26 Combined Charging System

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The hybrid McLaren strives for track record

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Something in what BMW and Mercedes – Benz are also in agreement

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The „hybrid – bag” has opened at the Volkswagen Group

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A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

A new strategy of the Union for the alternativ fuels

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