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A123 Systems cell familyThe bankruptcy, of the most famous american battery producer - and the effect of it - is interesting from many point of views in relation with the future of the alternative powered vehicles.

The show must go on – goes the saying, and at the break of the A123 Systems practically just that happened what this in question slogen means. According to the indications namely there isn't that economical deepest point, from where the USA doesn't want, couldn't save the company producing lithium – ion batteries serving as the energy resource for the partially or totally electric powered vehicles, or to be more precise the technology and know –how accumulated there, not to speak about the infrastructure and the human competences.

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Moreover the bankruptcy announcing A123 has done in a relatively new area also significant results. The energy grid technology aims the storage of the power of the environmentally friendly energy resources of such high priority, like the wind or the sun. The problem with these is that – mainly in case of the windmills – in a basic situation the produced energy has to be used promptly, furthermore when it's calm, there're no current reserves.

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The problem with the named company is that in turn that it has been vainly pumped also governmental money in it (from the time of foundation in 2001 totally 129 millions of Dollars), it couldn't get straight any longer. One reason for this may be that the mass spread of the alternative powered vehicles temporarily keeps itself waiting, while the appearance and elaboration of the more and more newer, more environmentally friendly, more capable of life concepts require permanent developements and investments for years in point of view of the most important element, the battery.

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On the other hand the Johnson Controls despite of the current economic indicators saw much in it, and saved the company being worth of 2,3 billions of Dollars in 2009 from the death on it's value of couple of millions– according to the news with an expenditure in the order hundreds of millions being much more than this. As the wording of hepress releases of the different organisations of the industry are, the USA can't afford that it gives up it's ambition regarding it's dominant position occupied in the field of the electric vehicles (EV), and this gives reason for a hope expressible in millions of Dollars. Although the logic doesn't work, as for some reason the A123 Systems has gone bankrupt after all.

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That in turn is a more promising vision than the prospective consolidation, that by 2020 the electric energy - store industry may grow to a trade of 50 billions. From somewhere in turn the up – to - date batteries will surely come into the vehicles of the future. If not one of the Great Powers will be the main developer and supplier, there will surely be another applicant for this. Hereby we're keeping our fingers crossed for the Big Brother...

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